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On our first meeting we discuss your ideas regarding the design. I'll ask you questions about the shape, colour, feel and the overall look. Whether you have a clear vision or we build it together, I will tune into your requirements, recommending where prompted and guiding you to manifest a comprehensive set of must-haves and maybes.


With your impressions recorded, I scour my directory of selected shops and outlets for sample fabrics, embellishments and trimmings.  You may choose to do the same. We add additional layers to your dream, review your options and discuss pricing so you can decide how lavish you wish to go.

Shadow Gown

Using neutral material  I make a simple shadow of your dress for you to try on  -the very exciting first fitting! Here we really tailor the design, accentuating or concealing as appropriate and matching the  pattern of the dress to your body shape to create maximum flattery. We also discuss any modifications you may be considering such as moving the neckline or changing the shape.


It all comes in to focus. You have your first opportunity to see how incredible you look now your gown has come to life. We check the design against the requirements again and make any necessary adjustments. You will likely have selected your footwear and undergarments by this point so we get the length and fit perfect. You may opt to have a final fitting around 2-3 weeks before the big day at a time convenient to you. This gives you a final chance for any last minute tweaks and then you and your dress are forever more united.

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